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Website updates

May 16, 2008

Today we did an update to our website to reflect the changes occurring with the upcoming public release of Document Protector.  We’re still working on it but the basics are now in place.  The graphics in the tour need to be updated as they are a few months old and from the ‘Bokken’ release whereas we are currently deploying the ‘Jian’ release.

This update also reflects the work we’ve done with NetBanx for the new eCommerce engine which should improve the billing experience.  We also still need to refresh and migrate the various technical document and wastepaper’s to reflect the changes in this ‘Jian’ release.


New eCommerce Engine

May 9, 2008

We’re moving our eCommerce engine from PayPal to NetBanx for a variety of reasons but primarily our upcoming subscription based service offering where PayPal didn’t quite fit the bill.

I won’t lie and say this process has been easy, it hasn’t, and I now know more about eCommerce than any living person should ever want to.  But I’m through the pain barrier now, and am a genuine expert on all the edge scenarios related to eCommerce transactions.

However I believe all the pain has delivered some genuine gain and I hope you will see that through the new improved account management capabilities.

All feedback welcome!

New interim support site

May 2, 2008

We needed to move off our old support site as the infrastructure was creaking, and I wanted to make sure that we could do more than before, especially around issue tracking.  So, as an interim measure we have updated the website onto a new server based around SmarterTicket.  This is not our ultimate solution for support but will see us through until the fall when we’ll have a new more focussed support site.

Anyway, in the interim you can now submit tickets and over the coming weeks we will be migrating the knowledgebase (which is a lot harder than it sounds!).  I hope that the knowledgebase will be transferred by July in total, unfortunately the data formats weren’t easily compatible (as usual).

So please bear with us during the transition.

Release Codenames

April 18, 2008

I was asked about by a customer about the codenames we use for our releases, what do they mean?  Well they are all different types of swords.  I don’t really know anything about swords except they are usually very sharp and need to be kept away from, but we chose these just as a convenient taxonomy of names.  Mostly they are Asian swords … for reference, here are the ones we have used.

  • ‘Aikuchi’ – September 07 Release
  • ‘Kashkara’ – December 2007 Release
  • ‘Nimcha’ – January 2008 Release
  • ‘Bokken’ – March 2008 Release 
  • ‘Jian’ – May 2008 Release
  • ‘Kalis’ – Upcoming June Release

Hope that helps!

2008 Product Roadmap

April 11, 2008

I thought it would be useful to discuss some of our thinking for the 2008 product roadmap.  As many of you will know we have been working on a Web 2.0 online version of our product suite since Q3 2007 and we are getting ready to open it up to a wider audience this year.  Initially we only offered to customers who wanted to install behind their own firewall, our Q2 2008 update will be available for anyone to sign up to.

So whats going to come and when?  Well, during June we will release Document Protector as a fully fledged public service.  At the same time we begin slipstreaming our desktop products into the Document Protector combining the rich desktop experience with an available anywhere management console on the web. 

Initially Document Protector will offer the core capabilities such as encryption, traceability, branding,  and document expiry. During Q3 the plan is to add more of the existing advanced features and some new ones we have been working on. 

The aim is that we can offer the entire desktop suite capability via the Document Protector service by Q3 2008.

What about developers and integrators?  Well the good news is we built Document Protector entirely on top of out base Web Service API’s which means that you will be able to build your own version of the UI and workflow.  What does this mean?  Well if you want to integrate document protection into your apps such as protecting reports, proposals, research and other docs you will be able to.  Just call our web service API’s from your apps and you are good to go.  If you are interested in participating in the Early Adopter Program then please email

That’s it for now,  more updates soon.

What is Document Protector ?

January 18, 2008

Document Protector is the name for our new public offering of the DSP Portal.  Document Protector builds on the DSP portal extending the web service paradigm and building on a whole range of upcoming Microsoft technologies including Windows Server 2008, .NET 3.5, AJAX and SQL Server 2008. 

DSP has been a custom solution for customers want tong to do large scale deployment with centralised control and Document Protector extends this to make it possible for individuals to sign up to a hosted Web 2.0 service available on demand, pay as you go.

Watch out for more news on Document Protector soon.